From Dawn till Twilight Set (2 weeks)

The From Dawn till Twilight Set is perfect for 2 weeks period care, which include:

2 boxes of Dawn, Organic Cotton Day-time Pads
(24 cm, 10 count each)

☾ 2 boxes of Twilight, Organic Cotton Night-time Pads
(29 cm, 10 count each)

Pacha Dawn organic cotton day-time pads are best for regular flow for all day protection whereas Twilight organic cotton night-time pads offer extra protection and back-side coverage so you can stay leak-free throughout the night. Go with your flow and feel confident that these pads have you covered no matter where the day takes you.

✦ Breathable
✦ 100% organic cotton topsheet
✦ 90% biodegradable
✦ 10 times faster in breaking down

✔ Free from chlorine, fragrance, GMO and dyes
✔ FDA approved

 Certified by CE and ISO

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100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Topsheet
Up to 90% biodegradable
Free from chlorine, fragrance, GMO and dyes
FDA approved
Certified by CE and ISO

happy body. happy earth.