Period questions come into every girl’s mind. Trust us, we do too. It’s not just during puberty (which is pretty scary btw) but after you have had period for years.


Here are the answers to ten questions about your menstrual cycle that you might have been too afraid or embarrassed to ask.

  • Why do we call it a menstruation?

Why is this monthly thing called a menstruation? Why does it have the “men-” prefix when men don’t even have it? Turns out the word “menstruation” comes from the Latin word “menses”, which translates to month.

  • Is PMS even real?

If you ask any woman, PMS is most definitely real. Examples include traffic, or a work mistake, or other minor inconveniences in life, which blew up like an anatomic bomb finishing with a mushroom cloud in the air. 

There have been debates in science if PMS is a “real” phenomenon for a long time now. We know this is disappointing but a study conducted by UK National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers has shown that some women may simply be more sensitive to changes in hormone levels, even normal changes. These could contribute to the increased symptoms of sadness, irritability, and depression that many women face. The study also suggested that up to 56 percent of severe PMS cases are genetically inherited. 

  • Can I Get Pregnant During My Period?

You can get pregnant at any time, even when you’re bleeding. If you don’t want that, talk to your doctor about using some type of birth control, no matter what time of the month it is. It’s also important to protect yourself against STDs, so check with your doctor to make sure you’re practicing safe sex.

  • Does having your period smell? 

It shouldn’t! Menstrual odor happens when menstrual fluid comes in contact with air. When menstrual fluid is absorbed within the vagina, like through a tampon, it is not exposed to the air, so there shouldn’t be an odor. If you’re feeling worried, just be sure to change your pads and tampons frequently to help keep odor at bay.

  • Do Tampons Cause Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Tampons rarely cause infections leading to TSS. To lower your chances of getting the infection, change your tampon every 4 hours or so. Wear a thinner tampon, too. If you have fever, chills, diarrhea, nausea, or a rash 2-3 days after your period starts, see your doctor.

  • How Long Should My Period Last?

For most women, it goes on for 3 to 5 days. If that’s not you, don’t worry. One can last as few as 2 days of as many as 7. If you’re bleeding more than 7 days in a row, talk to your doctor.

  • Why do you poop so much on your period?

If you’ve ever wondered if you could just be imagining the fact that you have to poop more on your period, let me assure you that you’re not imagining things. Your menstrual cycle really gets things flowing in your body, including making your stool flow a little more smoothly than usual. The stool is looser, so you’re more likely to have a bowel movement when you’re on your period.

Credits also go to prostaglandins which help to relax your muscles and prepare to shed your uterine lining for you. As a fun fact, those prostaglandins are also the same vital part of the labor process, to help your body get rid of excess poop that stands in the way of your baby’s descent into the birth canal.

  • Why is my skin so bad before my period?

Those dang hormones. That’s why.

Your hormones fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle. Just before your period starts, estrogen and progesterone levels drop. This can trigger your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum, an oily substance that lubricates your skin. Too much can result in clogged pores and breakouts.

Hormones can also increase skin inflammation and the production of acne-causing bacteria.

  • How much blood do I lose during my period?

Most girls lose about 1/4 cup of menstrual fluid during their periods (mostly in the first few days). Not to worry, though — your body makes up for it.

  • When will I stop having my period for good? 

Women get periods until menopause, which is when menstruation and the ability to have children stops. In most women, it usually happens in their late 40sor early 50s. But menopause can happen earlier or later. Some women may stop menstruation by the time they’re 35 years old, and others may not stop until their late 50s.

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提起Kayla Wong王曼喜,可能你看過她當年出櫃的新聞,可能你知道她支持同志運動,可能你記得她創立服裝品牌 “Basics For Basics” …… 言談爽朗、笑容陽光燦爛的她,活出自己的同時,一直為別人的生命帶來力量。 ◆ 完整訪問片段請按此觀看。 因為擁有一對明星父母,從小到大,Kayla的一舉一動都是鎂光燈焦點。「嗰陣我去左一個event,有個記者問我:『咁你而家係咪同緊一個女仔拍拖?』我嘅答案係『係』。」與女生相愛沒有錯,為甚麼需要隱瞞?Kayla的坦然誠實,換來媒體的大肆報導,然而在社會各種支持與批評聲音的浪潮中,她卻摸索出自己的新方向。 「喺香港,無乜幾個人肯企出黎做自己,為愛爭取自己嘅權利,我希望我可以做到少少。」從那時起,她開始做不同訪問,公開出席平權活動,亦不吝嗇在社交媒體上分享與女朋友的日常。在與不同人的接觸中,她更深入了解到香港的LGBTQ+圈子面對的難題與掙扎。「我諗我地只係做自己,其實已經show俾人哋睇:其實無咩大不了。」 愛自己,欣賞自己,活出自己 ──性取向以外, Kayla的時尚態度亦是如此。 七年前,Kayla創辦了環保服裝品牌 “Basics For Basics”,設計簡約自然。任何模樣、任何身形的女生都有自己獨特的美麗:「係人著衫,唔係衫著人。」這是品牌的其中一個最大的core value:「We want women to feel comfortable in their own skin。」Kayla寄望衣服能成為女生的second skin,不是遮掩些甚麼,而是讓她們展現、擁抱、empower原生的自己。 一路走來,Kayla毫不吝嗇的分享,也讓許多人願意對她闖開心懷。她曾經在社交媒體上做過一個叫「safe...

女性權益 - 以女孩的形象當神|Empower as a Leader by Sonia Wong 黃鈺螢

女性權益 - 以女孩的形象當神|Empower as a Leader by Sonia Wong 黃鈺螢

標誌性的上揚貓眼線和紅唇,看起來氣勢凌厲,說起話來大膽幽默。她是Sonia黃鈺螢,「女影香港」和「女人節」的創辦人,同時是一位性別研究講師、詩人和文化藝術活動策劃人,多年來一直積極推動女性權益。 ◆ 完整訪問片段請按此觀看。 對她來說,women empowerment是「以女孩的形象當神」。「我地成日都諗分神同埋女神,神就係普世嘅、勁啲嘅,但我地對佢嘅諗法係男人。女仔就係女神,通常都係補婚姻、補生育,跟著就無乜特別其他功能。我地可唔可以唔好諗自己做女神,我地可唔可以諗自己做神?」在她眼中,女生是很powerful的存在,她們值得這樣被相信,也值得相信這樣的自己。 十年前,Sonia創辦「女影香港」,是為著女生對電影行業發出質問。Sonia觀察到主流電影塑造的女性角色單一,不是遭受性侵,就是出場不久死亡;亦眼見不少女性從事電影行業遭受掣肘,受到不公待遇。於是她著手創辦獨立電影節「女影香港」,推廣女性藝術創作,希望世界能看見更完滿的女性角色與故事。 創立「女人節」是後來得多的事情。推動女性權益的路上,Sonia發現不少機構和媒介做的東西其實相類近,便萌生一個念頭:「我可唔可以做一個更廣闊嘅平台,比大家一起jam野,帶出更廣闊的訊息呢?」她和 Sally Coco的店主Vera一拍即合,決定做一個holistic的文化藝術活動「女人節」,不論是否對女性主義有興趣、任何性別也可以參加。 推動女性權益絕非一條易走的路,Sonia坦言有不少現實考量如經費開支,也曾受過同路人質疑,然而她從來沒想過要放棄。「嗰樣野(社會變革)唔係有得放棄嘅野,無得辭職架。」這是於她本身的思想,是一份使命,並非一份能隨時拋棄的工作。「個世界都仲係咁 ——個世界唔應該係咁㗎嘛!喺個世界變成『佢應該係咁』之前,你無得唔做架。」 「嗰個係一個revolution,嗰個絕對唔只係一個campaign。」 當我們問及Sonia,「女影香港」和「女人節」應該如何歸類時,她這樣回答我們。   📖 關於 #Dareto_WalkTheTalk 呢幾年,我哋成日提及「women empowerment」,但其實,「women empowerment」實則係指啲咩?齋講之外,又有冇得用行動支持?💪🏻 今個月 Pacha 將會有一系列活動,仲邀請埋特別嘅嘉賓同大家探討女性權益,一齊貼地行!

Dialogue with Ways Out – Empower as a Community

Dialogue with Ways Out – Empower as a Community

「佢哋嘅故事成為咗我哋嘅動力」   (完整影片訪問按此) 「我地最希望見到嘅畫面係,大家同任何女性講野,或者了解大家嘅故仔嘅時候,都喺一個無hierarchy嘅狀況之下進行。」Peggy笑著,眼神堅定:「當你喺一個equal status接觸佢地嘅時候,所有associate嘅標籤都唔見左架喇。」 本地社企Ways Out Hong Kong由三個女生Peggy 、Coco、Alison創立,回收廚餘升級再造成首飾,鼓勵大眾關注廚餘問題,同時以廚餘首飾能為社區締造不同機會。 「每一年都有7000宗意外懷孕,但呢班女仔係社會上被忽略嘅一群。」透過「母親的抉擇」認識一種單親媽媽後,Peggy發現她們面對的難處比想像中多,伴隨著社會不友善的目光而來的,還有現實的經濟壓力。因為孩子年紀還小,她們需要24小時的照顧孩子,在不彈性的時間表下,無法抽身工作,失去發展才能的機會。 Ways Out決定與媽媽展開合作,聘請她們加入手作團隊,提供薪金和津貼,並安排義工在媽媽們上半時安頓孩子。從初時學習造廚藝首飾,到現在,媽媽們已修得一門手藝,能自信滿滿地帶領工作坊。工作之餘,這裏也像一個溫馨的小社區,讓有著相似經歷的她們聚在一起,互相交流分享,成為彼此的力量。 其中一位媽媽招招的分享讓Peggy印象深刻:「佢入嚟Ways Out之後覺得,原來有一班人願意接納佢嘅故事同經歷,原來自己有展現talent嘅平台與機會。佢唔會覺得自己只係一個師奶,原來我仲可以做好多野。」除了被他人接納,最重要的是,這群女生從心底裡,自己接納了自己。 Empowerment是雙向的,Ways Out為媽媽的人生帶來方向,媽媽們也為Ways Out帶來力量。Peggy坦言,在香港經營社企並不容易,在迷茫之際,是媽媽們一路以來的信任,以及自身生命的轉化,再一次提醒founders們這一切的意義:「佢地會想同我地做呢件事,已經係我地工作最大嘅動力。」 一個女生獨自前行或許困難,一群女生才能走得更遠。撿起彼此的脆弱,陪伴同行,重新綻放生命的花火 ──── 走出她們的ways out。

#DareTo Love - 專訪同志情侶婷楓&王菲

#DareTo Love - 專訪同志情侶婷楓&王菲

曾看到過這樣的數據:人的一生會遇到2920萬人,而兩個人相愛的概率只有0.00049%。在茫茫人海中能夠認定對方,站穩住腳決定相愛極不容易,而對兩個女生而言更加艱難。 跟她們做完採訪,才發現原來有些愛情是能夠為別人帶來力量的。儘管只是一些瑣碎的小片段,例如相視而笑,略帶靦腆地講出為對方心動的原因;例如雲淡風輕地聊起過去的傷痛,好似不曾因流言與惡意受傷;例如說話被口水嗆到,咳到面紅耳赤對方仍哈哈大笑。 看似平平無奇的日常,已是許多人正努力尋找,努力捉住的東西。 這是婷楓與王菲相愛的第六個年頭。 愛情始於浪漫 婷楓(@litingfung )一頭黑色短髮,眉眼英氣斯文,散發一種獨特的中性美;而王菲(@roroxan_ )雖比她矮上一點,有一雙大眼睛凌厲有神,不說話時帶有點冷酷,笑起上來意外地很可愛…… 不得不說,她們是一對很養眼的情侶。 婷楓說:「我會稱呼自己為女朋友同女仔。」 王菲笑著補充:「我地都係叫對方女朋友。」 婷楓和王菲大學是讀同一科的,她們在大學ocamp相遇,那時王菲是婷楓的組媽。那時王菲還在拍拖,那段拖拍得並不愉快,一向強勢的她在那段關係中處於劣勢,她卻遲遲不敢分手。 婷楓的出現對她而言像是救贖,讓她終於有勇氣跟對方講分手,重新投入一段關係。 有一個片段王菲至今記憶猶新:兩人在一起以後,有一次婷楓對她唱Dear Jane的《哪裡只得我共你》:「我要將你拯救,逃離人類荒謬」,「而佢的而且確將我拯救出咗嗰段關係。」 說起這段經歷時,王菲連眼角也泛著笑意,那種苦盡甘來的浪漫感動讓她銘記至今。 「我地都係叫對方女朋友」 在兩個女生的愛情裡,總有人問:你們誰是男,誰是女? 她們的回答是: 「我覺得唔需要咁分。」 在跟婷楓一起之前,王菲也曾跟男生一起過。「嗰陣我會扮小鳥依人 。」她在「扮」字上下了重音。「因為我嗰陣中學好細個,身邊嘅性別定型就係男生要好強悍,女生要好溫柔、善解人意。好自然就會扮嬌滴滴。」 實際上,王菲的性格並不是這樣嬌嗲的人,性格是更強勢一點。「同佢(婷楓)相處就會好唔同,變咗我係保護佢嗰個。通常出口鬧人嗰個都係我。」原來婷楓的性格比較和善,常常遭人欺負。每到這些時候,看不過眼的王菲便會為她出頭,罵起人來毫不嘴軟。 婷楓補充:「兩個女仔一齊係互相保護,照顧對方,唔會有一邊要take up個責任。」像婷楓救王菲逃離了一段崩壞的愛情,王菲也在日常中挺身而出保護她。 對這兩個女生而言,救贖或是保護都是雙向的。當然,在所有性別而言也是一樣:無論外表、打扮或性格,從來都不是某性別的專利,而兩個人的相處,更不應該被性別定型所侷限。 內心一隅,最重要的小事 從大學一年級拍拖至今已第六年,畢業後一起經營工作室和手作飾物品牌,她們已從轟烈的初遇慢慢走到細水長流。 要從漫長的年頭裡找出對方最讓自己心動的片段不是易事,王菲催促婷楓:「求奇講一個啦!咁多個!」一番打鬧後,婷楓的回答與我們預想中的浪漫片段大相逕庭。 婷楓說:「係同你屋企人一齊去旅行……...